Commercial Work

Filmmaking allows me to meet new people, discover new areas of life, new places, but also to look at the world from another perspective, learn new things and deepen my consciousness. For me, this makes it the best job in the world. Even if I had to wake up in the middle of the night to get that shot! ;)

I don't know which part of filmmaking I like the most. I love brainstorming, making notes, doing research and scripts – preparing the whole project. Then I love to get out into the wild wide world and hit that record button – engage my creativity, talk to people, capture moments. I also love editing – going through the footage, picking best shots, cutting them, messing with colors and effects. After that I can finally take a breath, hit play and once again enjoy the whole experience, feeling happy. At least for a day – after that is back to square one, but I don't complain.

One of the major projects I had the opportunity to work on was the International Congress of Chemical Safety & SecurityCHEMMS2016. It was a great opportunity to learn more about the problems of the modern world, as well as interview many professionals – heads of big corporations, scientists, politicians, and even FBI agents.

Another big step for me was the possibility of making a movie encouraging to visit an a place in my hometown that I find very interesting – Castle Hill, which includes the Institute of Design – where there's room for exhibitions, meetings, workshops, etc; as well as the Patriotic and Civic Mind Center – an interactive museum about the historical prison that used to be part of Castle Hill.

I also made films that document the three editions of the Italian Design School project – which creates opportunities for young designers to learn from Italian professors from the Scuola Italiana Design in Padua. One of the editions revolved around getting rid of the ads in the old part of Kielce.

I also co-operate with companies for which I am filming the most important trade fairs in Poland: MSPO International Defense Industry Exhibition, Agrotech – Agricultural Fair, MTAS Fruit Fair and also Innotech, Plastpol, Fit Weekend and many more.

There are also more artistic projects, such as backstage photo shoot videos, exhibition promos or music videos that can be viewed under the MUSIC tab.

I worked for: