From the earliest days of my life, I listened to the music that my parents tuned into – Queen, Sting, Rod Stewart, Simply Red or Lady Pank were a constant presence in our house.

I grew up in the 90's. In Poland it was the time of many changes and the birth of hip-hop culture that I became fascinated with at once. I loved Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill, Ice-T, Gangstarr. I tried every element of this new movement – breakdance, graffiti, djing, until I wrote and rhymed my first text as a teenager. Since then I have recorded several albums – both solo as well as in various formations – collaborating with people from USA, Cyprus, Jamaica, Armenia and leading producers, vocalists and rappers from Poland. I released my records through large labels and independently, on cd and vinyl. I've also played two tours across Poland, which helped me gain a lot of experience and meet many interesting people. I like to connect hip-hop with spoken word, electro, jazz and other genres.

In my lyrics, I am addressing a lot of topics related to emotions, problems that come with living in the modern world, consciousness, struggling with weaknesses – but I do not teach anyone how to live – I only share my observations. Music is my way of expressing what I feel and how I view the world.

I like to connect my passions and interests, so with some help from my friends I shot a few of my music videos while traveling to New York, Paris, Bergen or Stockholm. Some of them were shot by other filmmakers.

Despite of dealing with hip-hop for almost 20 years, I am open to different genres of music. My favorite artists include: Nick Cave, Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse, Bjork, Fever Ray, Frank Ocean, James Blake, Tomasz Stanko, Leszek Możdżer, Lars Danielsson, Kendrick Lamar, Banks, Selah Sue, Nneka and Lorde.