Kuba witek – RE:Tusz

– My story begins in Kielce, near the end of the nineties. A mixture of frustration and teenage angst turned the city into the birthplace of Polish hip-hop. It was a time of great changes in the whole country... Changes that resulted in easy access to drugs, the Internet, and the first waves of immigration.

The end of my childhood was mirrored by the end of a millenium. All these decisions and dilemmas that come with growing up, and the choices that led to surprising consequences and troubles. I was conflicted with the law, as well as with myself – my own demons, lost friendships, deaths of my loved ones... But most of all, it was a time of searching for the meaning, purpose and self.
RE:Tusz is a travel journal, going only one way – to the point where you stop recognizing yourself in a mirror. The point, where you start doubting whether you have any impact on the reality that surrounds you, or maybe you're just a spectator, passively observing the plot.

Throughout my life, when I told parts of this story to family and friends, they often said that it's a good source material for an action movie. I decided on a different medium.

I wanted this book to be guide, and proof that you can go back. Especially to yourself.

Language: Polish
Pages: 270
Soft cover
Publisher: Plac Wolności (Freedom Square)

you can listen to original soundtrack and Zaburzenia – "Igły" album, inspired by the story from RE:Tusz.