RING ROAD: Around the Iceland on bike (BOOK)

Kuba Witek – Ring Road: Around the Iceland on bike

RING ROAD – I travelled through Iceland rather comfortably – with cars, buses, and even the Icelandic airlines. Kuba Witek chose a different, much harder path. His bicycle trip is a testament to dealing with a very specific kind of loneliness – on an island, where only nature sets the rhythm of our lives, and how we deal with space and time. This account, without a hint of pretenciousness, is the book's most important feature. Ring Road is a simple story about experiencing beauty. About sharpened senses that allow you to take in all of Iceland's charms. Among the blooming shrubs, smiles of strangers and the weaknesses that the author faced himself. This is the Iceland I want to read about. It makes you want to go there and explore it for yourself!

Jarosław Czechowicz, „Krytycznym okiem” („Critical Eye”)

We spend many hours at work and among people – in person, as well as virtually. Sometimes we crave an escape. A trip to the unknown. It's not often that we can achieve it.
I chose Iceland as the goal of my journey. It's not the end of the world, but it's far enough to be different. I like a challenge, so I decided to ride my bike around the island on the famous road number 1 – ring road. On the way, I battled my own weaknesses, I met new people, I enjoyed the sights and the feeling of freedom.

I wrote down my adventures in a book, and even though it's not your usual travel guide, it has practical information for anyone who wants to follow in my footsteps. I want to inspire other bikers – and not just the experienced ones, because I'm certainly not one of them.

If you're limited by your finances, my book will advise you how to organize this kind of trip on your own. If you don't want to go alone – bring your friends. It's great to be alone from time to time, but even in a group, Iceland will still give you a feeling of distance from civilization.
Before you go, look at Iceland through my eyes. My experiences will not replace your own, but they might save you some prosaic problems. And if you cannot travel there on your own, my book tries to describe the harsh beauty of this region, both through words and through my own photographs.

Kuba Witek
Language: Polish
Pages: 176
Soft cover
Publisher: Plac Wolności (Freedom Square)