Kuba Witek na Północy

Słońce wschodzi nad Sisimiut – klatka z filmu “Zwykłe Życie”.
Grenlandia 2021 r.


RING ROAD: Around the Iceland on bike - 2016

In the spring of 2016, I set off on a solo bicycle trip around Iceland. It was the adventure of a lifetime during which I met many amazing people, experienced the charms of Icelandic nature and got to know myself better. Every day, I shared my impressions with the Polish community in Iceland through short entries with photos via the Iceland News Polska website (each entry was read several thousand times, and later a book was based on them). In total, I covered 1,400 km of a road that changed my life forever.

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AREX Expedition to Spitsbergen - 2019

It was the warmest summer in the Arctic.
Scientists, led by prof. Marcin Węsławski analyzed the effects of retreating glaciers on the ecosystem and biology of western Spitsbergen. As part of the ADAMANT project, they cooperated with researchers from the University of Klaipėda.

Despite many wonderful memories that I brought back from the Arctic I dreamed of since childhood, I also became an eyewitness to its melting and climate changes, which have been talked about more and more recently. I hope that my film will be my small contribution to bringing awareness to this global problem and motivating us to make changes in the lives of each of us.

Lofoten Islands bike tour - 2022

In the summer of 2022, my fiancée and I went on a bicycle trip through the Lofoten Islands – from Narvik to Å and back through Harstad – in total we rode almost 700 km for two weeks, camping among the wild nature of the Norwegian fjords. The weather was different: it was a bit windy, it rained a bit, but as in the North, the views compensated for all the difficulties.

Eidembukta Expedition to Spitsbergen - 2022

In August 2022, I once again accompanied a group of scientists from Poland and Lithuania who conducted research on the glacial lagoon in Eidembukta Bay. For seven days we camped and worked in the extremely difficult conditions of the Arctic tundra. There was even an encounter with a polar bear – fortunately from a safe distance. I was responsible for documenting the team’s activities and mapping the area using a drone. By the way, I collected some shots for the movie “Polar Women”. I won’t forget the adrenaline on my first night watch for a long time.

RAW - Reatreat & Wither Expedition to Hornsund Polish Polar Station, Spitsbergen - 2023

A group of scientists from two research institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Geophysics and the Institute of Oceanology, together with partners from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, as part of the “RAW – Retreat And Wither” project, want to understand the impact of the recession of glaciers that are currently retreating into the sea on marine biological production and marine biogeochemistry in the Arctic. 
“Once the ice is gone,” by Kuba Witek (2024) The film was produced as part of the project “RAW – Retreat And Wither” – What is the influence of glaciers recession from tidewater to land-based on the marine biological production and biogeochemistry in the Arctic? that received funds within the GRIEG competition funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 (No. of agreement: UMO-2019/34/H/ST10/00504).