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Kuba Witek, director of documentary films, traveler, author of books and songs, former rapper, enthusiast of low temperatures. A graduate of the University of Central Lancashire.

Although he used to like the hustle and bustle of New York, Paris, London and Berlin, today he feels best in the bosom of nature, away from the noise of big cities and metropolises. He is fascinated by the North, which he has been continuously documenting since 2016. He has already visited Iceland ten times, traveled around it alone on a bicycle, climbed its highest peak, entered ice caves, and proposed marriage over the Vatnajökull glacier. In his film debut, he showed Poles how their compatriots cope in the land of ice and fire and why they do not return home – since then their number on the island has tripled. He spent almost two years on the Faroe Islands archipelago, traversing numerous mountain trails (climbing 85 peaks) and learning about the history and traditions of its inhabitants. The result of these stays are two documentaries, a series and a book. He took part in three scientific expeditions to Spitsbergen, where he documented melting glaciers, the work of scientists in the field and at the Hornsund Polish Polar Station, and also avoided close encounters with polar bears. He cycled through the Lofoten Islands and hiked in Himalayas with his fiancée. In Greenland, he made a film about Adam, a Pole who was sent to Sisimiut by love – showing that we can find our home anywhere. Together with Daga Bożek, he made a film telling the little-known story of women on the first Polish scientific expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica. “Ant/Arctic Women” were created in co-production with the Educational Film Studio in Łódź, and the film was shot in Poland, Spitsbergen and Antarctica.

His films have been shown at film festivals around the world and supported or promoted by, among others, National Geographic, Greenpeace, Polish Academy of Sciences, Committee for Polar Research, TVN24 and many other institutions.

Kuba is a supporter of a plant-based diet, a minimalist, and cares about the climate and ecology.


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