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Wyspy Owcze 2021 r.

Lectures / Film screenings

Making documentary films is one of my many activities. I consistently promote conscious traveling and exploring the world as a way to open up to new experiences and other people. I give presentations that accompany film screenings. I am invited to participate in meetings organized as part of festivals, conferences, non-governmental and commercial projects.

My presentations contain elements that support personal development. I have experience in performing in front of audiences with whom I manage to establish good contacts.

I talk about my experiences in overcoming difficulties and finding a path to development. I use the experience gained while traveling and implementing my own projects.

I try to infect listeners with the passion for visiting new places and leaving the comfort zone. I’m talking about the benefits of applying the principles of minimalism, overcoming fears and adapting to new and unexpected situations. I am happy to share my experiences and answer questions about traveling to the regions of the world I have visited.

I want to have an impact on changing the world for the better.

Arrange a n event

If you would like to organize a film screening and invite its creator to take part in it, please contact us.

The film can be presented to an organized group of lovers of travel, nature and interesting personal stories.

We will discuss the conditions of participation in such a presentation after contacting us by e-mail or telephone.

My films or speeches have been shown, among others, in: