Kuba Witek is a Polish adventure & documentary filmmaker, traveler, digital nomad, musician and author.

Born in Cracow on November 19, 1983 – raised in Kielce, Poland. Graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, United Kingdom, specializing in Music Production.
A participant and leader of music and multimedia initiatives across Europe, engaging in various non-governmental activities. In 2015 he wrote his first autobiographical novel – RE:Tusz – a difficult coming of age story based in post-communist Poland.

An enthusiast of the North. He spent time in Sweden and Norway. Visited Iceland six times so far. He wandered around the largest Vatnajökull glacier, walked through the ice caves and climbed the highest Icelandic peak. He toured around the whole island three times. First, in 2015, during a solitary trip on two wheels, which he later described in the book – Ring Road: Around the Iceland on a bike. The second time, a year later, with a jeep and a camera, in order to shoot his first documentary – ISOLAND: Icelandic stories of Polish immigrants – which won Grand Prix of 10th MediaTravel Festival in Łódź and Best Debut 5th EMIGRA Film Festival Chicago, Berlin, Warsaw, Vilnius and Lviv. Third time, this winter, filming another project, the details of which will be revealed soon.

Currently, he is working on editing a new movie. This time he's telling the stories of the inhabitants and the history, traditions and hardships of life in the Faroe Islands – FAROE WAY: The art of survival in the Faroe Islands – which is scheduled for a premiere in autumn 2018.

In everyday life, he values minimalism, eco-awareness and self-developement. He enjoys old movies, biographic and crime novels, running in the woods, swimming in lakes and rivers, hiking.

Contact me
mobile: +48 577 777 824
email: tusz.na.rekach@gmail.com